Marine Surveyor

My qualifications:

  • BEng (marine engineering)
  • Dip Mar Sur, MIIMS (London,UK), RMS
  • First Class Marine Engineer, Chief Engineer Unlimited COC (STCW)
  • Sworn Court Expert Witness and Valuer (Ministry of Justice, Croatia)

I am doing the following surveys:

  • Flag State Inspections for Antigua and Barbuda W.I
  • Pre-Purchase
  • Condition Surveys
  • Small Crafts Surveys
  • Offshore Ships Specialist
  • Anchor Handling
  • Towing Approval
  • P&I, Damage
  • Cargo Loading & Securing
  • Pre-Towing Survey
  • Incident Investigations
  • Dry Dock Jobs Supervision
  • New Buildings Supervision
  • Insurance
  • Ship Repairs & Conversions Supervision
  • Consulting

More information:

4 years of Nautical School in Split, Croatia, 1972, Marine Engineering Technician, after that 2 years full study at Maritime College in Split, Croatia.

Marine Engineering

Diploma as Associate in Marine Engineering 1978.

1972 as Cadet Engineer.

Certificate of Competency as Marine Engineer in 1974.

First Class Marine Engineer steam / motor, exams passed 1982.

Holder of unlimited Chief Engineer Certificate according STCW

Sailing as Marine Engineer and as Chief Engineer.

Ship Repairs Manager in repairs shipyard

Technical Superintendent

Technical Supervisor for new buildings in Poland

Technical Supervisor for new buildings in China

Technical Supervisor for new buildings in Singapore

Technical Manager

Diploma, year 2002, London UK, full member of IIMS.

Accreditation in Marine Engineering Surveys by IIMS (London, UK)

RMS - Registered Marine Surveyor by IIMS

About me and surveying:


Mailing address: 21000 Split, Pojisanska 20, Croatia

Phone / Fax: +385 21 489966   Mobile: +385 91 5247737

E-mail: and

Skype: petarkaz

Surveying is a job which requires some specific skills. These skills are obtained through studying at maritime schools / colleges and other disciplines learned through practical jobs and vocational education. Add a lot of experience to this. Choosing a surveyor to do job for you can be simple if you follow common sense and some recommendations. Accredited surveyors must follow strict rules and Code of Conduct set up by their organizations.

New service available from 2020: Thermal imaging using FLIR infrared camera